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Joint Enhanced Core Communications System (JECCS)

Primary Purpose Provides a robust command and control capability

for MEU, MEB, and MEF headquarters. Designed to

replace portions of the JTF Enabler package, it

provides the conduit for and access to DISA STEP

site services, including NIPRNET/SIPRNET, DSN,

AUTODIN/DMS, and VTC. After quickly establishing

this "first-in" capability, it provides the

initial connectivity requirements for a smaller

force in advance of larger, follow-on forces.

Sub-Functions * Telephone: COTS commercial switch to support

DSN/commercial connectivity, as well as provide

ISDN access for the Secure Terminal Equipment

(STE) which replaces the STU-III. COTS/GOTS

tactical switch for at least 60 subscribers,

supporting analog and digital tactical telephones

and requisite COMSEC for tactical users.

* Data: Tactical Data Network gateway

functionality for NIPRNET/SIPRNET access.

* Technical control: Integrated package of test

equipment, two FCC-100s, and ATM switch for

circuit configuration, monitoring, fault

isolation, and restoration, as well as dynamic

bandwidth management.

* Transmission: Two AN/PSC-5s and one INMARSAT

terminal for initial and immediate communication


Equipment Requirements All equipment is self-contained in one heavy

HMMWV shelter. Requires additional support

vehicles for towed generators.

Connectivity Requirements Requires GMF SATCOM transmission system for

access to DISA STEP sites, as well as other

UHF/SHF terrestrial multichannel systems for

connectivity to other tactical units. Contains

limited integral transmission capability (e.g.,

AN/PSC-5 and INMARSAT terminals).

Crypto Requirements Integrated KIV-7/KG-84 for data circuit

encryption and KIV-19/KG-194 for trunk


Normal Locations JECCS will be fielded to Communication Battalions

for MEF, MEB, and MEU support requirements.

Information Managed None. Provides conduit for various command and

control as well as communications systems.

Products Created None.

Lead Service/Contractor MARCORSYSCOM/Lockheed Martin.

Current Fielding Status Awaiting approval of Purchase Description,

although 8th and 9th Comm Bn's are planned to

receive four systems each, two for 7th Comm, and

one for 6th Comm.

Known Problems None.

DIICOE Compliance Rating Not rated.

Point of Contact Ms. Terry Conte, MARCORSYSCOM, DSN 278-0946, COMM

(703) 784-0946.

Updated by Capt G.T. Puntney, USMC; Capt M.D. Tobin, USMC;

Capt M.A. Woodhead, USMC, CCSC-01


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