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Asset, Tracking, Logistics & Supply System II+ (ATLASS II+)

Primary Purpose To provide fully integrated supply, maintenance,

and readiness capability operating in a

client-server environment.

Sub-Functions Supply, maintenance, and readiness.

Equipment Requirements Pentium II Computer running Windows NT on the

client side. Servers are HP servers with tape

backup. Servers are using a SyBase database.

Connectivity Requirements Local Area Network, primarily done with Cat 5

cable or a phone line for client to server

connectivity when using a remote access server.

When deployed, a local area network for client to

server connectivity, an AN/MRC-142 link between

servers for server to server connectivity, and an

e-mail link from the deployed unit CSS element

to the supporting CSS element in the rear. The

link from the deployed CSS to the CSS in the rear

is for a transfer of supply requisitions.

Crypto Requirements No internal Crypto. ATLASS II+ is unclassified

and does not require secure transmission when


Normal Locations Consumer-level user unit (Battalions of the

USMC). Consumer level units are tied to the

Intermediate level supply and maintenance units

via the local network, and to DLA via the

Intermediate level supply account. No links to

higher headquarters outside the MEF. ATLASS II+

will be used in all USMC ground element units

once fielded.

Information Managed All inventory or property of the unit to include

end items, consumable class IX repair parts and

secondary repairables (at the SMU), supply

requisitioning, supply accountability, and all of

maintenance management to include readiness


Products Created Status reports for supply and maintenance


Lead Service/Contractor Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center,

Chesapeake, Virginia is the Developer. MANTECH

is the sub contractor doing development work.

CACI is the subcontractor doing PDSS and

implementation work. ATLASS II+ Program Office,

Assistant Program Manager is LtCol Adams (703)


Current Fielding Status As of 26 April 2001, ATLASS II+ has been fielded

to all II MEF units with the exception of CBIRF.

That fielding will be taking place during June

of 2001. Fielding to I MEF will commence in

April of 2001 and continue through all of the

intermediate levels of the FSSG. Fielding to III

MEF will commence in October of 2001 and will

continue through all of the intermediate levels

of the FSSG.

Known Problems Problems with the ATLASS II+ software are

identified by the Fleet and are submitted via the

Software Maintenance Tracking System (SMTS) to

the developer at SPAWAR, Chesapeake for review.

The Configuration Control Board meets and reviews the trouble calls and gives them priorities.  This work is then tasked to the developer and is included in the next scheduled maintenance release. The next such release is schedule for implementation during June of 2001 and will include approximately 50 change proposals/trouble reports/trouble calls. 

DIICOE Compliance Rating Level 5

Point of Contact Major Bob Rackham (703) 784-0865 and Ms. Beth

Barnetson (703) 784-0863. ATLASS Program Office.

Updated by Capt Gary E. Delgado, USMC, CCSC-01.



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