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FM 34-54: Battlefield Technical Intelligence



Required publications are sources that users must read in order to understand or to apply with this publication.

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 34-1 Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations

FM 34-37 Echelons Above Corps Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations


Related publications are sources of additional information. They are not required in order to understand this publication.

Army Regulations (ARs)

AR (U) 10-53 US Army Intelligence and Security Command, Confidential

AR 59-8 Department of Defense (DOD) Common User Airlift

AR 75-15 Responsibilities and Procedures for Explosive Ordnance Disposal

AR 350-2 Opposing Force Program

AR 380-5 Department of the Army Information Security Program

AR 380-6 Laser Guidance System Security Classification Guide

AR 381-26 Army Foreign Materiel Exploitation Program

AR 700-99 Acquisition, Accounting, Control, and Disposal of Captured Enemy Equipment and Foreign Material

Defense Intelligence Agency Manual (DIAM)

DIAM (U) 58-13 Defense Human Resources Intelligence Collection Procedures, Secret/NOFORN

DIAM (U) 75-1 Scientific and Technical Intelligence Production, Confidential

Department of Defense (DD) Form

DD Form 1911 Materiel Courier Receipt

Department of the Army (DA) Form

DA Form 2028 Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 3-5 NBC Decontamination

FM 5-30 Engineer Intelligence

FM 9-15 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service and Unit Operations

FM 21-3 Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks (Skill Levels 2, 3, and 4)

FM 34-3 Intelligence Analysis

FM 34-52 Intelligence Interrogation

FM 34-130 Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations

Joint Chiefs of Staff Publication (JCS Pub)

JCS Pub 1 Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

Standardization Agreements (STANAGs)

STANAG 1059 National Distinguishing Letters for Use by NATO Forces, Edition 5

STANAG 2014 Operations Orders, Warning Orders, and Administrative/ Logistics Orders, Edition 5

STANAG 2044 Procedures for Dealing with Prisoners of War, Edition 4

STANAG 2084 Handling and Reporting of captured Enemy Equipment a Documents, Edition 5

STANAG 2097 Nomenclature for Soviet Bloc Army Weapons and Equipment, Edition 5

Supply Bulletin (SB)

SB 708-21 Federal Supply Classification: Part I, Groups and Classes

Technical Bulletin (TB)

TB (U) 381-5 series Foreign Materiel Catalog (FOMCAT), Secret

Technical Manual (TM)

TM 38-250 Packaging and Materials Handling: Preparing of Hazardous Materials for Military Air Shipments

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