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FM 34-43: Multiservice Procedures for Requesting Reconnaissance Information in a Joint Environment



DIAM 57-5, DOD Exploitation of Multi-Sensor Imagery

JCS Pub 0-2, Unified Action Armed Forces

JCS Pub 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

JCS Pub 2-0, Intelligence Support to Joint Operations

JCS Pub 3-0, Doctrine for Joint Operations

JCS Pub 3-05, Joint Special Operations

JCS Pub 3-05.3, Joint Special Operations Operational Procedures

JCS Pub 3-55, Doctrine for Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition Support for Joint Operations (RSTA)

JCS Pub 3-55.1, Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

JCS Pub 6-04, US Message Text Formatting Program

MP-001-93, DOD Airborne Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems Master Plan for 1994

SM-59-72, Joint Operations Planning System, Volume I

TM 30-245/NAVAIR 10-35-685/AFM 200-50, Image Interpretation Handbook, Volumes I and II

USCINCLANT Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (LTTP) for Intelligence Support to Joint Operations


FM 17-95, Cavalry Operations

FM 30-20, Aerial Surveillance-Reconnaissance, Field Army

FM 34-2, Collection Management

FM 34-2-1, Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Intelligence Support to Counterreconnaissance

FM 34-8, Combat Commander's Handbook on Intelligence

FM 34-10, Division MI (CEWI) Battalion

FM 34-25, Corps MI (CEWI) Group

FM 34-36, Special Operations Forces Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations

TC 34-55, Imagery Intelligence


FMFM 3-20, Commander's Guide to Intelligence

FMFM 3-21, MAGTF Intelligence Operations

FMFM 3-22-1, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Company Operations

FMFM 3-27, Aviation Intelligence

FMFM 5-1, Marine Aviation

FMFM 5-10, Air Reconnaissance

FMFM 5-60, Control of Aircraft and Missiles

FMFRP 3-28, Tri-MEF Standing Operating Procedures for Field Intelligence Operations

FMFRP 5-85, Marine Aviation Equipment and Systems

OH 2, The Marine Air-Ground Task Force Operations


The Navy restructured its publication system. For cross referencing the current publication, numbers are in parentheses.

NWP 3, Naval Terminology (NWP 1-2, Naval Supplement to the DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms)

NWP 15, Special Operations (NWP 3-05, Naval Special Warfare)

NWP 22, Doctrine for Amphibious Operations (NWP 3-20 [Series])

NWP 25-3, Air Reconnaissance (NWP 3-55.11)


AFI 11-220, Flying Activities Reconnaissance Flight Rules and Procedures

AFI 13-106, The Air Control System, ASOC, and TACP Operations

AFI 37-160, Volume IV, Doctrine and Procedures for Airspace Control in the Combat Zone

AFM 2-1, Tactical Air Operation-Counter Air, Close Air Support, and Air Interdiction

AFSPACECOM/ACC Aircrew Combat Information Guide

MCM 3-1, Volume I, Tactical Employment General Planning & Employment Considerations

MCM 3-1, Volume IX, Tactical Employment RF-4C

MCM 3-1, Volume XXI, Tactical Employment RC-135

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