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FM 34-2-1: TTPs For Reconnaissance And Surveillance And Intelligence Support To Counterreconnaissance


AA avenue of approach

AAA antiaircraft artillery

ACR armored cavalry regiment

ACRV a type Soviet equipment

ADA air defense artillery

AE aerial exploitation

AF Air Force

AI area of interest

ALO air liaison officer

AM amplitude modulated

ammo ammunition

AO area of operations

APC armored personnel carrier

approx approximately

arty artillery

ASC armored scout car

ASPS all-source production section

AT antitank

attn attention

AVLB armored vehicle launched bridge

avn aviation

AZ Arizona


BAE battlefield area evaluation

bde brigade

BE basic encyclopedia

bldg building

BLUFOR Blue Force (US)

BMNT beginning of morning nautical twilight

BMP a type of Soviet personnel carrier

bn battalion

BOS battlefield operating systems

BRDM a type of Soviet equipment

BRM a type of Soviet equipment

BTR a type of Soviet equipment


CAA combined arms army

C2 command and control

C3 command, control, and communications

C3CM command, control, and communications countermeasures

C&J collection and jamming

CANE Combined Arms in a Nuclear/Chemical Environment

CAS close air support

cdr commander

C-E Communications-Electronics

CESO communications-electronic staff officer

chem chemical

CI counterintelligence

CM&D collection management and dissemination

C/MOB countermobility

co company

COA course of action

coll collection

comm communication

COMSEC communications security

con contact

counter-reconnaissance --
all measures taken to prevent hostile observation of a force, area, or place (DOD)

CP command post

CPT captain

CR counterreconnaissance

CSS combat service support

CUCV commercial utility cargo vehicle


DA Department of the Army

DAG division artillery group (Soviet)

DC District of Columbia

DD Department of Defense

decon decontamination

def defense/defensive

det detachment

DF direction finding

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

dist distribution

div division

DIVARTY division artillery

DS direct support

DST decision support template

DTG date-time group

DZ drop zone


E east

ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures

ECM electronic countermeasures

EENT end of evening nautical twilight

ELINT electronic intelligence

engr engineer

EPB electronic preparation of the battlefield

EPW enemy prisoner of war

ESM electronic warfare support measures

EW electronic warfare


FAAR forward area alerting radar

FASCAM family of scatterable mines

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

FIST fire support team

FISTV FIST vehicle

577 tracked operations vehicle (heavy division)

FLOT forward line of own troops

flt flight

FM (with number) field manual

FM frequency modulated

FO forward observer

FRAGO fragmentary order

FSE fire support element

FSO fire support officer

fwd forward


G2 Assistant Chief of Staff (Intelligence)

GMRD guards motorized rifle division

GMRR guards motorized rifle regiment

gp group

GS general support

GSR ground surveillance radar


H the time hostilities commence

HF high frequency

HHOC Headquarters, headquarters and operations company

HMMWV high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HPT high payoff target

hq headquarters

hr hour

HUMINT human intelligence

HVT high value targets


I&S intelligence and surveillance

ID infantry division/identification

IEW intelligence and electronic warfare

IEWSE intelligence and electronic warfare support element

IFF identification, friend or foe (radar)

illum illumination

IMINT imagery intelligence

intcp intercept

intel intelligence

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IR information requirements

ITB independent tank battalion

ITR independent tank regiment


JAAT Joint Air Attack Team

JTCG Joint Test Command Group


km kilometer

km/h kilometers per hour


lbs pounds

LC line of contact

LD line of departure

LIC low-intensity conflict

LOA limit of advance

LOC lines of communications

LOEA limit of enemy advance

LOS line of sight

LP listening post

LOB line of bearing


m mechanized

m meter

mag magnetic

MAJ major

MC mobility corridor

M/CM/S mobility, countermobility, and survivability

MCOO modified combined obstacles overlay

mech mechanized

MEDEVAC medical evacuation

METL mission essential task list

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available

MI Military Intelligence

MIJI meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference

min minute

MOPP mission-oriented protection posture

MP Military Police

MR motorized rifle

MRB motorized rifle battalion

MRC motorized rifle company

MRD motorized rifle division

MRP motorized rifle platoon

MRR motorized rifle regiment

MSR main supply route

MTLB a type Soviet equipment


N north

NAI named areas of interest

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical

NET not earlier than

NLT not later than

no number

NOD night observation device

noncomm noncommunications

NV night vision

NVG night vision goggles


OB order of battle

obj objective

O&I operations and intelligence

OMG operational maneuver group

OP observation post

OPCON operational control

OPFOR opposing force

OPLAN operations plan

OPORD operations order

OPSEC operations security


PIR priority intelligence requirements

PL phase line

plt platoon

PMCS preventive maintenance checks and services

PMI preventive maintenance inspections

POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants

poss possible

POV privately owned vehicle

prep prepare

prob probable


R&S reconnaissance and surveillance

RAC reconnaissance assault company

RC Reserve Components

REC radio electronic combat

recon reconnaissance

REMBASS Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System

A mission undertaken to obtain, by visual observation or other detection methods, information about the activities and resources of an enemy or potential enemy; or to secure data concerning the meteorological, hydrographic, or geographic characteristics of a particular area. ( DOD, NATO )

regt regiment

retrans retransmission

RII request for intelligence information

RISTA reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance and target acquisition

Rkh a type of Soviet equipment

Rkh/m a type of Soviet equipment

RP release point


S south

S2 Intelligence Officer (US Army)

S3 Operations and Training Officer (US Army)

S3-air Air Operations and Training Officer (US Army)

S-A seismic-acoustic

SA surface to air

SALT size, activity, location, and time

SALUTE size, activity, location, unit, time, equipment (spot report format)

SAM surface to air missile

SCARF standard collection asset request format

scty security

SEAD suppression of enemy air defense

SIGINT signals intelligence

SIR specific information requirements

SITMAP situation map

SMS simultaneous monitoring system

SOI signal operation instructions

SOP standing operating procedure

SOR specific orders and requests

SP start point

SSM surface-to-surface missile

survl surveillance

The systematic observation of aerospace, surface or subsurface areas, places, persons, or things by visual, aural, electronic, photographic, or other means. (DOD, NATO)


TA theater army

TAA tactical air army

TACFIRE tactical fire direction computer system

TAI target areas of interest

TB tank battalion

TC training circular

TE tactical exploitation

temp temperature

TF task force

tk tank

TNT trinitrotoluene

TOC tactical operations center

TOT time over target

TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire guided

TPL time phase line

TR tank regiment

TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures


UHF ultra high frequency

US United States

USAF United States Air Force

USAICS US Army Intelligence Center and School

USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


VHF very high frequency

vic vicinity


W west

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