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FM 24-18: Tactical Single-Channel Radio Communications Techniques


Figure H-1. Time Conversion Table

A time conversion chart is used to convert local time in one zone to local time in any other zone. To construct your own time conversion chart, print the letter Z (Zulu), in the center of the next page in the space provided. However, any blank sheet of paper may be used for constructing your time conversion chart. To the right of the letter Z (Zulu), print the letters A (Alpha) through M (Mike), leaving out the letter J (Juliet). To the left of the letter Z (Zulu), print the letters N (November) through Y (Yankee). You now have the 25 time zone suffix letters in the order in which they represent the 25 world time zones. An easy rule to follow in constructing your own time conversion chart is: "NZA (the three letters that appear in the center of your paper) leave out the J (the letter of the alphabet that is not used)." Just remember this simple rule: NZA AND LEAVE OUT THE J.

When using your time conversion chart, there are two easy rules to follow: First, you NEVER count the time zone in which you are located; second, you add 1 hour for each time zone crossed when moving to your right and you subtract 1 hour for each time zone crossed when moving to your left. In more simple terms, ADD when going to the RIGHT and SUBTRACT when going to the LEFT. For example, if you were stationed in C (Charlie) time zone and needed to convert to Z (Zulu) time, you would start with the letter C. Do not count the C for this is the zone in which you are stationed. Then count the B, A and Z zones to your left (three) and subtract 3 hours from your local time, and the result will be GCT or Z (Zulu) time.

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