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Iran Press TV

Pentagon asks US diplomatic staff to be on alert for Havana Syndrome

Iran Press TV

Wednesday, 06 October 2021 10:18 PM

The Pentagon has urged the US diplomatic staff all around the world to immediately evacuate their surrounds if they found symptoms related to the mysterious Havana Syndrome.

The warning comes after the CIA evacuated a US intelligence officer who was serving in Serbia last week due to experiencing symptoms of Havana Syndrome, a kind of neurological attack which the US administration claims has targeted the country's spies and diplomats stationed in overseas locations.

"We need to believe our personnel who are coming forward," a senior administration official reportedly said. "People are facing real symptoms. We are very conscious that people are experiencing something very real, and it is having a real negative effect on their health."

"And we're seeing better health outcomes the sooner we can respond to that," the official added.

The illness, which has come to be known as Havana Syndrome, was first reported by American diplomats in Cuba in 2016.

US politicians, researchers and pundits have speculated that the mysterious condition was caused by electronic weapons.

The illness' symptoms purportedly include headaches, nausea, memory loss, vertigo, bloody noses and hearing strange sounds.

The US administration, however, still doesn't know who may be behind the alleged attacks or have certainty about how they are being carried out.

"In terms of have we gotten closer? I think the answer is yes – but not close enough to make the analytic judgment that people are waiting for," CIA Deputy Director David Cohen said in early September.

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