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Iran Press TV

British military intelligence chief warns of 'supercharging' adversaries

Iran Press TV

Sunday, 13 September 2020 5:40 PM

The Chief of Defense Intelligence (DI) has sounded the alarm over the rising threat emanating from Britain's state adversaries and has called on the government to take corrective action.

Lieutenant-General Jim Hockenhull warned that Britain's enemies are developing novel ways to "influence and leverage" while also "supercharging more traditional techniques".

Addressing a group of selected journalists at the Defense Intelligence headquarters in Cambridgeshire, Hockenhull warned that on current trajectory the "West" will struggle to keep up with "Russia, China and other global players" who according to the DI chief "challenge the existing [international] order".

In trying to outline a wide range of military and non-military threats to the UK over several decades, Hockenhull focused his lecture on the changing character of warfare and the emergence of cyber and space as "new military domains".

According to the DI chief, the UK's main adversaries are investing more and more in "artificial intelligence", "machine learning" and other "ground-breaking technologies".

At the concluding part of his lecture Hockenhull stressed that the UK must ensure it has both the "intent and the capability" to contain the military and non-military threats posed by its core adversaries.

Whilst it is not unusual for the DI chief to address journalists, what is fairly unprecedented is the brazen political tone of a serving British military intelligence chief.

This speaks to the politicization of British military intelligence and its open appeal to government for more funding to contain the so-called "threats" set out by its own leadership.

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