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Norway Afraid of Russia's Intel Gathering More Than of Any Other State

Sputnik News

18:07 09.02.2016(updated 18:20 09.02.2016)

Head of the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) Benedicte Bjornland claimed Tuesday that Russian intelligence gathering could inflict more harm on Norwegian interests than the activities of any other country.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – She added that despite Russia's capabilities, the PST sees no scenario where war is being prepared against Norway.

'We wish to signal that the potentially biggest challenge against [Norway's] independence and territorial integrity comes from other states, and we see comprehensive and aggressive state intelligence being carried out by other countries. Our assessment remains that Russian intelligence has the highest damage potential for Norwegian interests,' Bjornland told reporters.

In recent months, Nordic countries, namely Sweden and Finland, have expressed concerns about Russian military activity in the region, such as the growing number of military exercises and intelligence activities being carried out by Moscow.


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