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Iran Press TV

Cameron under pressure over CIA probe

Iran Press TV

Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:49AM GMT

British Prime Minister David Cameron has come under intense pressure to hold a judge-led inquiry into Britain's alleged involvement in a recently revealed CIA torture program, a report says.

British Daily Mail said on Sunday that it had obtained a letter addressed to Downing Street and written by nine human rights groups calling for a judicial probe into Britain's alleged role in the US intelligence agency's torture program.

The rights groups strongly criticized Cameron's decision to allow the parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) to hold the investigation instead of a judge-led probe.

The groups, including Reprieve, Amnesty International and Liberty, argued that only a judge-led inquiry could reveal the truth of Britain's role in the CIA program, saying the ISC's capacity was inadequate to conduct the investigation.

The British prime minister has been under intense pressure to order a judicial investigation since the US Senate released on December 9 a truncated report into the CIA's torture practices, such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation and mock executions.

However, the US Senate report did not mention the role of Britain or the British Indian Ocean territory of Diego Garcia - where the UK encompasses a military base leased to the US - in the program.

Britain's opposition party Labour has admitted that the island was used for at least two US rendition flights, in which suspects were transported to other countries in order to employ torture for the purpose of interrogation.

There is also compelling evidence that the British territory was used to hold prisoners. Furthermore, agents for the UK's secret service MI6 have also been accused of being present when CIA officers tortured suspects.


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