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Iran Press TV

Flawed, brutal and ineffective: Senate report on CIA torture

Iran Press TV

Tue Dec 9, 2014 5:33PM GMT

The US Senate Intelligence Committee has released a drastically redacted summary of its voluminous report on the CIA's torture program during the George W. Bush administration.

The CIA's interrogation of suspected terrorists was far more brutal than the spy agency had disclosed, Senate intelligence committee chair Dianne Feinstein said as she announced the release of the report on Tuesday in Washington.

The 6,200-page report is the result of a 5-year Senate investigation into the 6.3 million documents reviewing the failures of the agency that ran "the enhanced interrogation" program during the Bush administration. The 500-page summary of the report was made public on Tuesday.

The program involved capturing terrorism suspects and shipping them to secret overseas prisons known as black sites, where they were subjected to harsh interrogation torture techniques such as water-boarding.

Senate investigators concluded in the report that the program was highly mismanaged, poorly conducted and characterized by abuses far more widespread than the CIA previously conveyed to lawmakers.

Senator Feinstein said the investigation had 20 results and conclusions in total, which included four categories.

First, the report concluded that the interrogation techniques used by the CIA were an "ineffective means of acquiring accurate intelligence or gaining detainee cooperation."

Second, the report found that during the program the CIA presented "extensive amount of inaccurate information to the White House, Justice Department, the US Congress, media and the American public."

Third, that CIA's "management of the program was inaccurate and deeply flawed."

And last, that the torture techniques used by the CIA on suspected terrorists were "far more brutal" than presented before.

The report shows that against CIA's claim, the US had 119 prisoners on the program, 26 of whom were held illegally.

Before the release of the report, the US increased security measures at its embassies, military units and other interests around the world.

'There are some indications that the release of the report could lead to a greater risk that is posed to US facilities and individuals all around the world,' White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday.


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