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Polish Investigators Find List of People Russian Intelligence Planned to Recruit: Reports

RIA Novosti

13:06 18/10/2014

MOSCOW, October 18 (RIA Novosti) - Investigators have found a list of individuals the GRU, Russian Main Intelligence Directorate, planned to recruit while searching the apartment of the lawyer accused of spying for Russia in Poland, Polish television channel TVN24 reported Saturday.

'Profiles of famous journalists as well as politicians and energy experts, some of the last names froze the blood in my veins,' an anonymous member of the parliamentary committee on the secret services told TVN 24.

The Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) found the list in the apartment of the lawyer accused of spying for Russia, Stanislav Sz., whose full name has not been revealed, according to TVN24. The list includes news analysts, PR specialists and experts, politicians, and those employed in the energy sector.

'He had patriotic motivations. He was professionally trained in espionage and behaved very carefully,' an anonymous interviewee told TVN24.

On Friday, Head of the Internal Security Agency, Col. Dariusz Luczak presented materials to the Sejm prepared by Stanislav Sz. for his bosses at GRU. Along with the list, investigators discovered the alleged spy's main duty was to infiltrate the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament, and establish contacts with its members. Stanislav Sz. prepared reports for the GRU for several years and passed them on via Russian Embassy employees.

The Russian-Polish lawyer obtained his Polish citizenship less than two years ago. Though it is unknown how long he has been suspected of working for Russian intelligence, anonymous sources told TVN24 he was under suspicion for 'a long time.'

Stanislav Sz. along with a Polish lieutenant-colonel was detained on Wednesday on suspicions of spying for Russian intelligence. On Friday, the Polish Army officer was charged and sentenced to three months in prison for espionage amid ongoing investigations.

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