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June 2014 Intelligence News

  • Cuba Agrees to Return Lourdes Intelligence Center to Russia - Report RIA Novosti 16 Jul 2014 -- Russia and Cuba have agreed on returning a Soviet intelligence facility in Lourdes near Havana to Russia for use, Kommersant business daily wrote Wednesday.
  • Russian Media: Moscow to Reopen Cuba Intel Base VOA 16 Jul 2014 -- Russia will reopen an intelligence base in Cuba that closed in 2001, according to Russian media reports on Wednesday.
  • Russia regains control of radio facility in Cuba's Lourdes base VoR 16 Jul 2014 -- Russia has retrieved the main Soviet radio interception facility – the signals intelligence center in Cuban Lourdes, the Kommersant newspaper wrote on Wednesday. 'The decision to return to Cuba can be explained by Russia's long strengthened financial capabilities, as well as cooling of relations with the US,' sources in the Russian power structures said.
  • Obama Wants to Improve Intelligence Cooperation With Germany After Spy Scandal RIA Novosti 16 Jul 2014 -- US President Barack Obama in a phone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel said he wants to improve cooperation in the intelligence field amid the recent spy scandal, according to the statement issued by the White House Wednesday.
  • UN human rights chief warns of 'disturbing lack of transparency' for digital mass surveillance UN News Centre 16 Jul 2014 -- The top United Nations human rights official today warned of the "disturbing" lack of transparency in governmental surveillance policies and practices, "including de facto coercion of private sector companies to provide sweeping access to information and data relating to private individuals without the latter's knowledge or consent."
  • DoD Releases Revised Military Intelligence Program (MIP) Request for Fiscal Year 2015 DoD 30 Jun 2014 -- The Department of Defense released today the updated DoD Military Intelligence Program (MIP) Fiscal Year 2015 Request. The total request, which includes both the base budget and core overseas contingency operations, is $16.0 billion.
  • NSA spied on 89,138 targets last year: Report Iran Press TV 28 Jun 2014 -- The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has revealed that the US National Security Agency spied on nearly 90,000 "targets" last year.
  • NSA reveals 'transparency report': agency targeted 'just' 248 Americans in 2013 VoR 28 Jun 2014 -- Friday, the NSA released its first ever report about how it uses its broad surveillance authorities called 'Statistical Transparency Report Regarding Use of National Security Authorities.' According to it, the NSA performed queries for just 248 'known or presumed US persons' in 2013, despite collecting the phone records of nearly every American, which had been earlier revealed by the Guardian based on the leaks from Edward Snowden.
  • Aerial surveillance key to NATO efforts AFNS 26 Jun 2014 -- The E-3A Component based here is an integrated, multinational, rapidly deployable asset to NATO providing airborne surveillance, command, control, and communication capabilities
  • Notorious UK spymaster to step down Iran Press TV 26 Jun 2014 -- The head of Britain's MI6 spymaster John Sawers is to step down in November after five years in the job.
  • Edward Snowden denies any connection to Russian gov't VoR 24 Jun 2014 -- Former NSA employee Edward Snowden denies ties to the Russian government and states that he would like to live a normal life. These are the statements he made on Tuesday during a live video broadcast of a meeting of the PACE's Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights.
  • Potential Surveillance Reforms Spark Unease in Australia RIA Novosti 23 Jun 2014 -- A new bill to be introduced to Australian parliament in July granting new digital surveillance abilities and plans to develop a mandatory data collection regime, have triggered controversy over privacy, The Guardian reports Monday.
  • Royal Navy's new eyes in the sky UK MOD 22 Jun 2014 -- The Royal Navy's first ever remotely-piloted air system takes flight. Just 7 months after the Ministry of Defence ordered the system from Boeing Defence UK, footage released today, 22 June, shows ScanEagle taking flight from HMS Somerset in the Gulf.
  • Hundreds of US drones crashed since 2001 causing millions of dollars of damage VoR 21 Jun 2014 -- More than 400 large American drones have crashed since 2001, each accident causing from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in damage, according to the findings of new research by the Washington Post after examining more than 50,000 pages of federal and military records.
  • 33 gov'ts help NSA to monitor internet data worldwide VoR 20 Jun 2014 -- Huge volumes of private emails, phone calls, and internet chats are being intercepted by the National Security Agency with the secret cooperation of more foreign governments than previously known, according to newly disclosed documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden.
  • 'Germany unrivaled as NSA spying host in Europe' Iran Press TV 19 Jun 2014 -- A new report reveals that secret spying operations by the United States have been much more widespread in Germany than previously thought, raising questions about Berlin's possible complicity in the operations.
  • Germany was NSA stronghold for years - report VoR 19 Jun 2014 -- No other country in Europe plays host to a secret NSA surveillance architecture comparable to the one in Germany, said the report, published by the German Der Spiegel magazine on Wednesday. The report is based on classified documents exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.'NSA has developed an increasingly intimate relationship with Germany over the past 13 years while massively expanding its presence. Itis more active in Germany than anywhere else in Europe,' reports the paper.
  • NATO Releases Imagery: Raises Questions on Russia's Role in Providing Tanks to Ukraine NATO ACO 14 Jun 2014 -- NATO is providing a series of images (see below) to the public in order to inform debate regarding recent events in the border region of Russia and Ukraine.
  • Intelligence minister: All enemies movements closely monitored IRNA 13 Jun 2014 -- Intelligence Minister Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi underlined that his colleagues closely monitor all movements of the enemies of the Islamic system.
  • Misawa launches first Global Hawk AFNS 12 Jun 2014 -- The RQ-4 Global Hawk made its first operational flight out of Misawa Air Base on June 6.
  • NSA can't stop deleting evidence because its system 'too complex' VoR 11 Jun 2014 -- The National Security Agency recently used a novel argument for not holding onto information it collects about users online activity: it's too complex. In a court filing on Friday, the NSA said that it was unable to ensure that it was not destroying evidence in a case over the legality of its surveillance operations, as a judge demanded.
  • British intelligence urgently in search of Russian-speaking staff VoR 10 Jun 2014 -- If you are young, jobless, speak Russian and live in the UK, you have a great career opportunity – amid the Ukrainian crisis British intelligence has revealed that there is a shortage of Russian speakers in the Armed Forces, The Telegraph writes citing a document it obtained.
  • Opposition blames German gov't of unwillingness to investigate NSA mass surveillance cases VoR 08 Jun 2014 -- The German opposition consisting of the Left Party (LP) and the Alliance '90(The Green party) has accused the German government of disinclination to investigate the circumstances of the mass collection and analysis of the German users' data conducted by the US National Security Agency (NSA).
  • Vodafone dances around GCHQ in 40,000-word spying confession RT 07 Jun 2014 -- The world’s second-largest mobile phone company has broken its silence over its cooperation with government agencies and their efforts to eavesdrop on unsuspecting customers, but what it fails to mention speaks the loudest.
  • Vodafone reveals extent of government snooping Iran Press TV 06 Jun 2014 -- A report by one of the world's largest cellphone companies, Vodafone, has revealed the extent of government snooping, saying authorities in a number of countries have direct access to a phone network without seeking permission.
  • US Intelligence Chief Says Number of Documents Downloaded by Snowden Overestimated RIA Novosti 06 Jun 2014 -- US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told The Washington Post the impact of Edward Snowden's leaks may have been exaggerated, as the NSA whistleblower had not taken as many secret files as originally feared.
  • Damage by Snowden's leak from NSA files apparently less than feared - media VoR 06 Jun 2014 -- Edward Snowden does not appear to have taken as much as originally thought from NSA files, The Washington Post reported late Thursday.
  • Armed Russian jet buzzed US spy plane: Pentagon Iran Press TV 05 Jun 2014 -- An armed Russian fighter jet buzzed dangerously close to a US military spy plane in late April, triggering private US protests to Moscow, the Pentagon said.
  • Reservist has key role in Global Hawk mission over Nigeria AFNS 04 Jun 2014 -- ABC, NBC and PBS reported last month the Pentagon had confirmed the United States was flying high-altitude surveillance military aircraft over northeastern Nigeria in search of more than 250 kidnapped schoolgirls.
  • Germany launches probe into Merkel phone tapping Iran Press TV 04 Jun 2014 -- Germany has decided to launch a criminal investigation into the US eavesdropping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
  • NSA chief defends facial-recognition program Iran Press TV 04 Jun 2014 -- The director of the National Security Agency has defended the agency's daily collection of millions of online images from US citizens as "legal" and conducted for the purpose of countering terrorism.
  • Germany opens investigation over US snooping on Merkel phone VoR 04 Jun 2014 -- Germany's federal prosecutor said Wednesday he had opened an investigation over alleged snooping by the US National Security Agency on Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone.
  • Changes Coming to Intelligence Communities, Official Says AFPS 03 Jun 2014 -- A tremendous change has taken place in U.S. intelligence capabilities over the past decade, and even bigger changes are underway, Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael G. Vickers said today.
  • Secretary of Defense Names New Director of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency DoD 02 Jun 2014 -- The Department of Defense announced today Robert Cardillo as the next director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). The current director, Letitia A. Long has announced her decision to retire later this year after four years at the helm of the agency and more than 35 years of government service.
  • Bandar Bin Sultan injected with poison: Report Iran Press TV 02 Jun 2014 -- A Lebanese media report says Saudi Arabia's spymaster Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz has been injected with an incurable poison.
  • NSA Whistleblower Snowden Applies for Asylum in Brazil RIA Novosti 02 Jun 2014 -- Fugitive NSA leaker Edward Snowden, currently living in Russia, has applied for asylum in Brazil, Agence France-Presse reported Monday citing Brazilian media.
  • Latest Snowden revelation: NSA harvesting millions of images daily for facial recognition - report VoR 02 Jun 2014 -- The US National Security Agency is collecting millions of images of people to use in facial recognition software, the latest top secret documents provided by the former NSA and CIA contractor Edward Snowden show.
  • NSA collecting 'millions' of faces from web Iran Press TV 02 Jun 2014 -- The US National Security Agency has been collecting millions of electronic images from the internet for its facial-recognition program, according to the classified documents obtained from American whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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