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Intelligence forces hunt most complicated spy network in Fars prov

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Shiraz, Fars Province, June 26, IRNA -- One of the most complicated espionage, terrorist, and delinquency networks, backed by US and Zionist spy agencies and some reactionary regional countries, was discovered and destroyed by provincial intelligence forces, an official said here Tuesday.

Managing Director of Fars Province Intelligence Office Hassan Karimi made the comment at a press conference.

He added, “The destroyed network in question had committed notorious terrorist acts, including assassinations, explosions at Friday prayer rituals, and attacking the vote casting election polls on the day of the 11th presidential election.”

He added, “This head office has meanwhile inflicted a severe blow against Tondar terrorist group, which is backed and directed by the intelligence agency of a European country, which had planned for bomb attacks and other terrorist moves.”

Karimi said that identification and arresting the members of an active band involved in procurement and distribution of weapons and war munitions, related to groups outside the country, was another achievement of this head office at the peak of the election campaign.

He added, “Surveillance, identification, and detonating the psychological moves programmed and planned by anti-revolutionary grouplets and agents at the virtual atmosphere, resorting to collaboration of some unaware Fars province citizens, aimed at bomb blasts on the elections day to affect the election process negatively, was another activity of our provincial intelligence officers.”

Karimi said, 'The combination of those moves, were achieved in full cooperation and shared work with the political, judiciary, intelligence, military, and police forces, which led to the disarmament of the internal and external seditionists, and depriving them of the power to pose any threat, or to inflict any loss.”

He added, “These moves meanwhile led to the formation of the political epic and the establishment of vast participation among the people amid at healthy and secure atmosphere, which added another golden page in the record book of the unidentified soldiers at the intelligence office.”

Also on June 2, 2013, Iran's intelligence ministry said that its agents had dismantled a sabotage and terrorist network linked to Israel and Britain.

A statement on the ministry's website said that its agents had arrested 12 people who had been preparing to enflame ethnic conflicts in Iran through sabotage and assassination.

The statement said the group had links to Israel's spy agency, the Mossad, through a 'reactionary' Arab country in the region.

It said they also had links with Britain and spy rings based on the Indian subcontinent, adding that authorities had confiscated a remarkable amount of weapons in the operation.

The statement did not name the detainees or the time and place of the operation.


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