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Iran Press TV

Britain's Deputy PM: snooper's charter won't happen

Iran Press TV

Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:48PM GMT

Britain's Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal democrats leader Nick Clegg has said plans to access records of people's internet use by police and spy agencies, dubbed a snooper's charter by opponents, is 'not going to happen' with the Lib Dems in government.

Clegg said the proposed Communications Data Bill, under which the British government will be allowed to keep tabs on emails and Skype, would now 'not happen'.

Speaking on his weekly phone-in on the LBC radio station, Clegg said, "The idea that the government pass a law which means that there would be a record kept of every website you visit, who you communicate with on social media sites, is certainly not going to happen with Lib Dems in government.'

Britain's Deputy PM added that the proposals are "unworkable" and "disproportionate".

The draft bill, if passed, would allow bulk, warrantless, unaccountable examination of all online activities by government agencies in the country, which according to critics would harm Britons' freedom and privacy.

The so-called snooper's charter was proposed by Home Secretary Theresa May, despite the coalition government's agreement in 2010 to end the storing of emails and Internet records 'without good reason'.


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