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Iran Press TV

Australian Mossad agent eliminated?

Iran Press TV

Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:15PM GMT

Nearly six weeks after the Israeli regime confirmed that an Australian-Israeli Mossad agent had committed suicide in one of its maximum security prisons, it is still unclear whether his death was murder or suicide.

According to press reports in Australia and Europe, the agent, Ben Zygier, also known as Prisoner X, was originally dispatched to Europe in 2005 by his Mossad handlers with a mission to infiltrate companies that did business with Iran in an effort to be assigned to the country under a commercial cover.

Although he succeeded in getting hired by a midsize European company, Zygier failed in his mission to penetrate Iran and was ordered to return to Israel.

Zygier, described as "an enthusiastic Zionist who grew up in a prominent Jewish family in Melbourne and immigrated to Israel as a young man," then won Mossad's approval to return to his native Australia under the alias Ben Alon to continue his college studies.

The reports further emphasize that following his February 2008 return to Australia, he attempted to approach members of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement at University of Melbourne in an unauthorized, freelance effort to recruit them for Mossad.

In an apparent bid to gain the trust of a key Hezbollah agent in Eastern Europe, the reports say, Zygier "unintentionally" exposed two important Mossad elements in Lebanon, leading to their arrest and imprisonment.

These press reports have further revealed that Zygier believed that he had recruited the Hezbollah agent to work for Mossad, but it was indeed the Hezbollah man that played a double game with him, relaying all the information furnished by Zygier back to Hezbollah leadership in Lebanon.

As a result, the two Mossad elements, Ziad al-Homsi and Mustafa Ali Awadeh, were arrested in Lebanon in May 2009 and sentenced to long prison terms.

According to the British daily Independent, Zygier's leaking of Mossad secrets was regarded as the biggest "treason" by the notorious spy agency, eventually leading to his recall to Israel in February 2010 and immediate arrest and imprisonment in a maximum security facility.

It appears, however, that Zygier was killed in the Israeli prison since Mossad was convinced, and enraged, that he was feeding information to Hezbollah elements.

This is while the entire maximum security prison, except the toilets in solitary cells, is under a 24-hour video monitoring.

The Israeli regime claimed two months ago that Zygier had used a bed sheet to hang himself inside his cell's toilet.


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