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Iran intelligence system thwarts "infiltration mission", says CIA spy

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

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TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iranian intelligence system thwarted the "infiltration mission", said the CIA spy arrested by Iranian security forces.

The spy was shown in Iranian State TV Sunday night as explaining the process of his espionage for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The man was identified as Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, an American-Iranian who received special training and served at U.S. military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan before heading to Iran for his espionage mission.

The U.S. administration in a bid to continue hostile and all-out intelligence and operational actions against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the nation, has spent a great deal of expense and designed complicated plots to infiltrate into Islamic Republic of Iran's intelligence system, Iranian Intelligence Ministry said in a statement after arrest of the spy.

In line with the action, the CIA has commissioned one of its intelligence analyst who has already worked in the U.S. Army intelligence units and in the U.S. military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, to practice a complicated operational-intelligence scenario, the statement read.

The Iranian national CIA spy started to work after passing complex intelligence trainings in several phases, but he was identified by Iranian Intelligence Forces as entered into Bagram Base in Afghanistan. There the agent was informed of the missions. He had been wanted for a while after entered into Iran and was ultimately captured by the Iranian forces.

The spy said Sunday night he had finished high school in 2001 and joined the U.S. Army in the same year and received different intelligence military trainings.

"I was then sent to a particular university to learn Middle Eastern languages besides intelligence trainings. They told me they were willing to send me to a university to learn Arabic language when they found I was somehow familiar with Farsi and Arabic," he said as part of his confession.

"I arrived in Iraq's soil as an intelligence commentator as wearing military uniform. My main commission was identification of Iraqi officials."

He continued his mission was to identify Iraqi officials willing in presence of the U.S. inside the country and persuade them to support the U.S. and military forces.

"Security forces held secrete sessions with the Iraqi officials and tried to create more close ties after we sent the reports for the U.S. army."

Hekmati continued the U.S. had sought seizure of Iraqi oil wells to create financial problems for OPEC to transact oil only with the U.S. dollar.

The spy went on to say the U.S. sought presence in the Middle East through military presence in Iraq and infiltration into Islamic groups and sowing discord among Muslims.

The arrested spy further noted that right at the end of his several months of mission in Iraq, he was employed by some intelligence companies such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) affiliated to the U.S. Department of Defense.

“I was recruited in DARPA from 2005-2007,” he added.

The mission of DARPA is strengthening the U.S. Department of Defense's Cyber Security capabilities.

“After DARPA, I was recruited by Kuma Games Company, a computer games company which received money from CIA to design and make special films and computer games to change the public opinion’s mindset in the Middle East and distribute them among Middle East residents free of charge. The goal of Kuma Games was to convince the people of the world and Iraq that what the U.S. does in Iraq and other countries is good and acceptable,” Hekmati said.

He noted that in July 2006, a woman contacted him and told that she was a government official.

“After her contact, I successfully passed the psychological and medical tests, as well as detection tests. Then a CIA agent contacted me and told me that I had to wait for their call,” Hekmati said.

He pointed out that then I was contacted by BAE Systems and I was informed that I had to return to Iraq as an intelligence analyst.

“I learnt how to use secret systems and methods for gathering information from different places and individuals. During this period, CIA was trying to find a suitable cover-up for my important mission,” Hekmati added.

He further said that he was summoned to U.S. and in Washington Hotel after one and half hours, a CIA agent informed him that he had to go to Iran for dealing with an intelligence project.

“The CIA agent by giving detailed information prepared me for my big mission, while assuring me that given the cover-up provided for me I would not face any problem in the way of conducting my mission,” the arrested spy further added.

He noted during the process of conducting the project he practiced a lot to become fully competent about the scenario and he was told that after being dispatched to Iran, he would become a source for Islamic Republic of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and provide the ministry with coordinated information within three weeks while receiving some amount of money in return before returning to U.S.

“I was given access to the most secret data systems for gathering the required information before being sent to U.S. Bagram Base in Afghanistan,” he said.

The arrested spy went on to say that from U.S. Bagram Base to Kabul was 45 minutes and he worked at a spy center in Bagram.

“I had a series of flights from Bagram, including a flight to Dubai where I stayed for two days and then I came to Tehran by plane afterwards.” Hekmati added.

He pointed out that the U.S. intelligence plan was to initially burn some valuable information, to give it free so that (Iran’s) Intelligence Ministry would see the good things and then would contact him.

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