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Arrested CIA spy elaborates on his mission in IR Iran: TV

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 18, IRNA -- Upon an order by the US President Barack Obama to Iran’s desk at the US Central Intelligence Agency, that desk was commissioned to take part in a trilateral project in a fully clandestine manner with the Israel’s Mossad and UK’s MI6 against IR Iran.

The new mission of Iran’s desk at CIA was in addition to CIA’s other regular espionage activities and a separate budget was also allocated for it.

The trilateral project also pursued to carry on with finding a way for penetrating into Iran in addition to trying to assassinate Iranian scientists and conduct media war.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had an urgency to successfully and urgently carry out the anti-Iran project. Hence, CIA commissions a special team to find a way for penetrating Iran’s intelligence apparatus.

A CIA spy arrested by Iranian Intelligence Ministry has been born in Arizona of US and has a track record of ten years of training as a professional spy.

Amir Mirza Hekmati (the arrested spy) was employed by the US Army’s intelligence section in August 2001.

He took part in an interview by the IRIB’s Channel 3 on Sunday night and explained his situation.

The following is an excerpt of the detained spy, Hekmati with IRIB television:

“I was graduated from high school in 2001 and decided to enter the US Army. It was in August 2001that I wore the US Army uniform and underwent different military trainings of the army,” Hemati said while elaborating on his being attracted to the army.

The spy noted that after undergoing general and special military trainings, he was sent to a special university to learn Middle Eastern languages besides intelligence trainings.

“When they realized that I know a little Persian and a little Arabic, they told me we want to send you to a university to learn Arabic language,” Hekmati added.

He pointed out that he then worked as intelligence analyst and entered Iraq in US Army uniform pursuing his main mission which was identifying people among Iraqi officials.

“I studied the opinion of Iraqi officials regarding the US and the presence of US military in Iraq. Our goal was to pinpoint those Iraqi officials who were inclined toward the US and do something that in case of outbreak of any incident, they support US military. After sending our reports to US Army’s intelligence department, security and intelligence officials held secret meetings with Iraqi officials and tried to establish closer ties with those officials,” Hekmati added.

He stipulated that the US wanted to pave the way for bankruptcy of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and do something to trade oil with dollar in order to help US become stronger vis-à-vis China and Russia.

“One of the reasons for presence of US military in Iraq was to be present in the Middle East and to penetrate among Muslims and make them deviate them from the right path,” Hekmati noted.

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