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US officials shocked by Iran's superiority in electronic warfare

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 10, IRNA -- One week after the Iranian electronic warfare unit of the Iranian Armed Forces brought down a US advanced drone on a reconnaissance mission in the Iranian airspace, the US officials expressed concern about Iran's success.

The US officials admitted that Iran has overcome the US electronic warfare. They say that it is a great blow to the Central Intelligence Agency that Iran enjoyed such a superiority in the confrontation of technology between Tehran and Washington.

This proved the United States violated Iranian airspace and committed an aggression on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In reaction to Iranian success in getting the US administration red-handed in flying stealth reconnaissance aircraft over Iranian airspace, the US officials said that the spy drone has crashed into Iranian territory during an ISAF operation in Afghanistan, but, broadcasting video footage on Iranian TV in which the drone has been seized almost safe indicated that Iranian experts have intercepted its electronic system to guide the aircraft to land.

The video footage showed that Iran has brought down RQ-170 stealth reconnaissance aircraft unhurt and that Iran has overcome the electronic warfare Washington initiated against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Farid Zakaria, CNN broadcaster said in his program on Friday night that Iranian mastering of advanced science and technology and its manufacture of complicated centrifuges are not somethings 'you can deny'.

He said that sending the advanced stealth reconnaissance aircraft to Iranian airspace can be interpreted as the US secret war of technology against Iran.

Experts say that the US experts expected to see wreckage of the stealth aircraft, but, they were shocked at seeing the aircraft under Iranian control without major loss.

The New York Times said that Iran displayed the drone safe while being examined by its military commanders.

The British Broadcasting Corporation said in its TV news bulletin that RQ-170 advanced stealth reconnaissance aircraft was involved in scanning Iranian nuclear sites.

The BBC broadcaster said that Iranian success in guiding the spy drone to land is a blow to the US intelligence agency.

Joseph Crincione, member of the US foreign relations committee told CBS News that RQ-170 has been one of the most advanced stealth drones and there is concern that Iran has taken over the technology it possesses.

He said that if Iran shares RQ-170 technology with China or Russia, it will put the US national security at risk.

Chairman of the Defense Committee of Iranian Majlis Commission on National Security and Foreign Policy Gholamreza Karami said that Iran has launched mass production of drones and that the data obtained from RQ-170 stealth reconnaissance aircraft is important.

He said that the technological superiority to intercept RQ-170 electronic system and guide it to land is significant as well.

Karami said that the brave Iranian soldiers are well-prepared to defend the national sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran in all battlefields including the electronic warfare.

He said that the success proved once again the superiority of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Middle East.
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