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An MKO member, a Mossad agent executed at Tuesday dawn

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 28, IRNA -- Terrorist Mojaehdin-e Khaloq Organization (MKO) member Ali Saremi and racist Zionist regime agent Ali-Akbar Siadat were hanged at Tehran's Evin Prison at dawn, Tuesday.

According to IRNA, the information website of Tehran Prosecutor's Office reported Tuesday that Ali Saremi's crimes included fighting against the sacred Islamic Republic of Iran system and launching antagonist propagations.

According to his dossier, Saremi was arrested in the winter of 1983 accused of cooperation with the MKO and sentenced to three years imprisonment by Bench Three of the Central Revolutionary Court for relations and cooperation with that terrorist grouplet, but his sentence was them suspended for a period of five years.

He was once again arrested in the summer of 1989 on the same crimes and sentenced to death, but after filing an appeals request his sentence was reduced to ten years behind the bars by Qom Supreme Court.

In the year 2002 the executed MKO agent took a trip to Iraq and spent a time at Ashraf MKO Camp, where he received most advanced terrorist techniques and strategies and dispatched to Iran for practicing them.

Upon arrival in Iran he got in contact with a number of freed MKO prisoners and began a propagation campaign in favor of the terrorist grouplet, for which the MKO deposited a handsome sum in his account that was to be spent for the publication and distribution of the periodical Sarzamin-e Ariya'ie (The Ayran Motherland).

During that period Saremi was at his workshop openly publishing the posers of MKO leaders as well, and distributing them along with the above mentioned periodical, recruiting new supporters for the MKO and dispatching them to Ashraf Camp in Iraq, sponsoring regular sessions of the terrorist grouplet and taking films and dispatching them to be broadcasted on MKO TV, thus playing quite and active role for the terrorist grouplet.

Ali Saremi was arrested for a third time in the winter of 2005 accused of the above mentioned activities along with a number of other MKO active members and sentenced to a six year term by Bench 31 of the Revolutionary Court, which was reduced to one year at the Appeals Court.

Finally, Saremi was arrested at the end of the summer of 2007 accused of heading the sessions of anti-revolutionary organization, dispatching news for them, and keeping a noticeable amount of propagation CDs, films, posters, and communiqués of that grouplet at his home, many of which were still in his own handwriting.

The hearing session of Saremi's last court was held in the presence of the representative of the prosecutor and Saremi's lawyer at Bench 15 of the Revolutionary Court and he was there sentenced to death in accordance with appendixes 186, 190, and 191 under the Article 47 of the Islamic Penal Code.

An appeals request was filed against that verdict, which was rejected.

According to the report, the other executed criminal, Ali-Akbar Siadat, had established relations with the espionage agency of the racist Zionist regime in the year 2005.

Siadat had been commissioned to dispatch the top secret, classified information of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Tel Aviv for sixty thousand US dollars.

He was arrested in the fall of 2008 when he was trying to escape Iran along with his wife and it was revealed that he had contacts with his Israeli master through his prepaid mobile phone.

He was arrested temporarily and dispatched to Tehran, where it was discovered that his espionage activities were conducted under the umbrella of business services initially, after which he got in direct contact with one of the Israeli embassies in the region, after which he gradually began dispatching secret military information for the Zionists, and later on when eh was provided an espionage micro digital camera, sending them complete with photographs.

His direct encounters with Mossad agents were held at hotels and other public places in such countries as Turkey, Thailand, and Holland.

When he was arrested in the year 2009 Saremi had concealed 29 pages of top secret information in his suitcase professionally.

He had confessed to receiving between three to seven thousand US dollars in each meeting for his offered services, which were partly on the number of the Iranian combat and other strategic planes, the country's operational and training flights at each military airport, the air disasters and their causes, the navigation systems of the various Revolutionary Guard planes, and miscellaneous other information of that nature.

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