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European arrest warrant issued for Mossad suspect: German official

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Berlin, June 14, IRNA -- A European arrest warrant has been issued for an alleged Mossad agent who was recently arrested in the Polish capital Warsaw for his role in the killing of a Hamas official in Dubai, a justice ministry spokesman confirmed here Monday.

The official told journalists a European arrest warrant had been issued and that Poland had a 40-day deadline to respond to it.

He said the case was being handled by the federal prosecutor's office.

The Polish arrest of the suspected Israeli spy linked to the Dubai murder of a

top Hamas official has further soured Berlin's ties with Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv has reportedly pressured Poland not to agree to a German request for the extradition of the alleged Mossad operative whose name was given as Uri Brodsky.

The Hamburg-based news magazine Der Spiegel reported that the suspect's arrest was not for taking part in the Dubai murder but for aiding another agent to obtain a German passport fraudulently in the spring of 2009.

The charge for this would be spying on behalf of Mossad, the notorious Israeli intelligence service.

Accordng to the paper, the Mossad agent applied for the passport in the name of Michael Bodenheimer at a residents' registration office in the city of Cologne, although he was not Bodenheimer.

The passport had been used by a member of the Mossad death squad to enter Dubai for the killing and quickly depart again, according to Spiegel.

Mossad killer squads have in the past used German passports for secret operations although some of them had been forged, according to press reports.

Germany and Israel have a very deep military and intelligence cooperation whose details remain highly secretive to the German public.


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