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Unit activated on Fort Huachuca: 309th Military Intelligence Brigade welcomes Company B

Jan 25, 2010

By SSG Todd Pruden, Personnel Force Integration

A new company was activated on Fort Huachuca Jan. 14 during a ceremony at Warrior/Sentinel Field.

Company B was stood up and will fall under the 309th Military Intelligence Battalion, 111th Military Intelligence Brigade. The new company is commanded by Capt. Christopher Collins. 1st Sergeant Joe Dimaggio is the company first sergeant.

Soldiers assigned to the company consist of those attending advanced individual training for the military occupational specialty of translator/interpreter, which is classified as 09L. The school is being relocated here from the east coast.

"This is significant because the 09L MOS school is moving from Fort Jackson to Fort Huachuca," said Collins. "We currently have 30 students here on Fort Huachuca that are ready for the course."

The training for this entry-level military interpreter/translator course lasts seven weeks, and the first class is scheduled to start Feb. 1.

Col. Dennis Perkins, deputy director for Training at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence said that relocating the school to Fort Huachuca would be beneficial to the Soldiers.
"Having 09L Soldiers working side-by-side with human intelligence collectors and military intelligence officers increases realism in training and an understanding by Soldiers of how to work as a team," he said.

"There will be a constant need for different heritage speakers due to different missions the Army may find itself involved with in the future."

According to Collins, 48 students are expected for the first class on Fort Huachuca and notes that having the MOS moved here is good for the Army.

"I am very excited to take command today and very happy to have the 09 Lima MOS here at Fort Huachuca," he said.

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