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ISI completely acting under Pakistan govt: Former ISI Chief

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, Dec, 18, IRNA
Former Director General of the Inter- Services Intelligence (ISI) Hamid Gul termed on Wednesday allegation made by a US senator on the ISI role as totally baseless stressing that the organization was completely functioning under the government of Pakistan.

the retired lieutenant general exclusively told IRNA that he dispelled the impression that the ISI was an unbridled horse and as if Pakistan government has no control over it.

The US Senator John Kerry in a recent visit to India and Pakistan had put fresh pressure on Islamabad over the Mumbai attacks, saying the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) must be brought under control.

Condemning the statement of US Senator, Gul said that US wanted the government of Pakistan obey its orders without any resistance.

"Americans want to twist our arm but they should realize that we are not their servants; Pakistan is an independent country and can move forward without the support of the US," added the retired official.

He believed that the ISI has served much for the interests of the US, and now the saturation point has come.

"The US is interfering with our internal affairs which is strongly a condemnable act, can we ask US to bring Pentagon under its control, certainly not, so why the US is dictating us," the official asked.

He added that Pakistan is a nuclear power and no country that possesses nuclear weapons could be directly attacked that is why United States wants to destabilize the institutions of Pakistan.

"US wants to draw a rift among the institutions of our country, an international conspiracy is being hatched to destabilize Pakistan," the lieutenant General opined.

He said despite the fact that it seemed US was a close ally of Pakistan, but actually "intentions of Americans are quite opposite." He alleged that Pakistan's ruling class was a puppet in hands of the US and only wanted to rule the country at any cost.

Gul added that the US has always supported the government of dictators and those who served its interests.

The former ISI chief believed that the incumbent Pakistani government was a proxy government and playing in the hands of the United States.

He also believed that the US was destabilizing Pakistan to get over the control of Islamabad's nuclear assets.

"Libya did this mistake and rolled back its nuclear program however Iran and North Korea sustained the American pressure which is an example for Pakistan," Gul said.

He added that Americans were accomplishing the agenda of Israel who did want to see Pakistan as a nuclear state.


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