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Wedgetail Simulator leads the way in Accreditation

21 March 2007

Recurring Fidelity Check Number Two has just been completed on the AEW&C Wedgetail Operational Flight Trainer (OFT) Simulator at Williamson RAAF base.

This simulator was built by Thales Australia for Boeing. It will be used for the training of RAAF Pilots in their new Wedgetail Aircraft which will act as part of Australia's early warning activities ensuring the security of Australia.

The simulator was designed on the Thales 737 New Generation flight simulator platform that is already being used for training in civil airlines and flight training centres internationally.

Recurring Fidelity Check (RFC) Number One testing was completed in 2006. At this check the simulator accreditation company Simulink reported 'All tests including Objective, Subjective, Credit Sequence and Malfunctions were passed: this particularly unusual at a simulator's first RFC and reflects the high standard being maintained by Thales Australia and Boeing personnel.'

This success story began when the simulator was handed over to Boeing in June 2006 and was accredited a level D equivalent requirement in CASA FSD 1 & ICAO 9625 Manual Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulation (MCQFS).

"This is a fantastic story for us, but is also a great indication of what can be achieved when all stakeholders (Contractor, Customer and End user) work together to achieve a common goal," said Ian Irving of Thales Australia (Vice President Defence Services & Aerospace)
"The result is a device that will enhance the capability of the Australian Defence Force whilst dramatically reducing training costs." he said.

Ongoing Fidelity Checks as well as the Level D accreditation indicates the amount of "Training Transfer" between the simulator and the aircraft. This gives pilots the opportunity to enhance their skills and abilities in flying the aircraft prior to actual take off. This means RAAF pilots will be trained even before the aircraft is delivered.

Whilst the aircraft is still being developed, Thales Australia, Boeing and the Commonwealth of Australia are undertaking collaborative programs to ensure that any changes to the aircraft are implemented in the simulator.

# Ready for Training in June 2006.

# Delivered on "Time & Budget".

# Became the first Thales military flight simulator based on a civil product.

# 6 Degrees of Freedom Full Motion System.

# 3-channel Visual System with calligraphic lighting.

# 737 New Generation cockpit including full Flight Deck Tactical Display, Radar, Acoustics, EFIS, DMS, EW, ECM, Navigation, Communication and Aircraft systems models.

# Aerodynamically loaded flight controls

# Comprehensive Australian Visual Databases.

# Equipment to simulate Electronic Warfare Self Protection (EWSP) measures.

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