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Israel Aerospace Industries' Malat Division in Final Negotiations for Sale of I-View Mk-50 and BirdEye 400 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Feb 7, 2007

Potential contracts worth $25 million for UAVs that will be used in intelligence role

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)'s Malat Division is in final stage of negotiations for the sale of the I-View 50 and BirdEye 400 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to an undisclosed customer. The new contracts will total approximately $25 million.

Both UAVs will be used for intelligence gathering missions. A unique feature of both systems is their ability to land almost anywhere on or near a battlefield using a parafoil.

IAI's Malat Division is expanding the marketing of both UAV's due to positive reaction to the systems' operational capabilities.


The I-View Mk 50 is Malat's smallest UAV within the I-View family of tactical UAVs. The system, designed for operational simplicity and low radar signature, provides real time intelligence to commanders in the field. The UAV has an endurance of 5-6 hours at a range of 50-60 km and its maximum takeoff weight is 65 kg. The I-View Mk 50 can be used for close-range surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition and artillery adjustment missions. This UAV can carry a stabilized electro-optical, day and night payload or other customer furnished payloads.

The I-View Mk 50 UAV system consisting of two UAVs, are launched from the roof of a special mission vehicle. The UAVs land automatically at a pre-determined location using an automatic parafoil recovery system. The special mission vehicle, which can be carried in a cargo aircraft, is also the control station and carries spare parts. These features simplify logistics in carrying out missions.


This UAV provides real time day/night imagery data for "over the hill" reconnaissance and surveillance. The BirdEye 400 is unique because its camera is positioned in the center of the fuselage, instead of the front. This allows greater stability of the images and a wider view (360 degrees). The payload is protected from damage during landing coming down on its back utilizing two strong and lightweight legs.

The BirdEye 400 weights only 5 kg and can fly for an hour in ranges up to 10km. The system is carried by soldiers in a special backpack and can be launched either by hand or a "bungee" device. The UAV carries a stabilized gimbaled day and night video camera.

Yair Dubester, Malat Division's General Manager said, "We are proud to provide our customers two UAV models that can meet their specific requirements. Both UAVs excel in their abilities to gather intelligence in fast and efficient manner."

A number of the Malat mini-UAVs have already been sold and were used in a large scale military maneuver.

The Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD) and other international customers have shown interest in both the I-View Mk50 and the BirdEye 400 UAVs.

For further information, please contact:

Doron Suslik
Deputy Corporate Vice President for Communications
Tel: 972 (3) 935-8509
Fax: 972 (3) 935-8512
Email: hpaz@iai.co.il

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