FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Aug. 23, 2006 Contact: Jamal D. Ware (202) 225-4121

House Intelligence Committee Releases Report on Iranian Strategic Threat

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, today announced the release of a committee report on the strategic and intelligence challenges posed by Iran.

“Iran’s support of radical Islamists with weapons and money demonstrates in real terms the danger it poses to America and our allies,” Hoekstra said. “That Iran has announced it will continue its program of nuclear enrichment, in violation of a U.N. resolution, demonstrates it will not be satisfied until it poses a threat to the entire world.”

The committee staff report, “Recognizing Iran as a Strategic Threat: An Intelligence Challenge for the United States,” provides an unclassified look at Iran’s nuclear program, weapons development and proliferation and active support for radical Islamist terror groups.
In particular, the report covers Iran’s efforts to conceal its nuclear program and develop ballistic missiles capable of reaching Europe. It also outlines Iranian support for Hezbollah and militant groups attempting to destabilize Iraq.

Recognizing there are significant gaps in the Intelligence Community’s Iran reporting, it goes on to recommend stepped up coverage of Iran, including enhancing human intelligence and Farsi-language capabilities and improving intelligence coordination and analysis to eliminate duplication.

“Iran in rhetoric and deed is committed to undermining Middle East peace,” Hoekstra said. “As an unclassified assessment, this report is aimed at providing information for the American people to use in understanding the very real threat our nation faces from Iran.”

In addition to the unclassified report, a classified annex covering issues raised during the report’s research has been prepared for the consideration of committee Members and the Intelligence Community.



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