CIA prisoner planes still landing in Germany - report

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Berlin, Nov 25, IRNA
CIA planes, allegedly carrying suspected terrorist captives, are still making stopovers at US airbases in Germany, the business daily Handelsblatt quoted American intelligence circles as saying on Friday.

"The CIA planes have made stopovers in various European countries - among others Germany. Nothing has changed in this regard," a high-ranking American intelligence source said.

The CIA is using the Ramstein Airbase, the largest American military airbase in Europe, and the Rhein-Main Airbase in Frankfurt for their secret stopovers.

German authorities had believed the US government had halted such illegal CIA flights, according to the newspaper.

In other related news, the daily Berliner Zeitung reported Friday 85 CIA planes touched down on Frankfurt's Rhein-Main Airbase between 2002 and 2004.


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