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EADS Defence and Communications Systems selected for the CARAPAS demonstrator

Vélizy, France, 29 April 2004

EADS Defence and Communications Systems (DCS) has been selected by DGA (the French Armament Procurement Agency) for the fast speed UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) CARAPAS demonstrator, the results of which will be used for the Requirements Specification for the Multi Sensors Multi Missions Program.

« The DGA decision to choose EADS Defence and Communications Systems has been taken after an intense competition in which the decisive criteria were the cost/efficiency ratios » stated Peter Gutsmield, Head of Information, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Line of Business.

The EADS offer provides a complete demonstrator system, which includes the « CARAPAS » UAV, the mission sensors, data links and associated ground segment, ensuring mission planning, flight monitoring, mission exploitation and data fusion.

CARAPAS is developed in cooperation with Galileo Avionica, the Italian company, from its experimental and operational Mirach 100-5 Aerial Target.

This UAV offers great flexibility, being capable of flight speeds from M 0.25 to 0.65 (80 to 220 m/s), with a range of 600 km and a payload capacity up to 60 kg for reconnaissance missions.

For CARAPAS, the sensors package includes a passive ESM/ELINT payload, capable of wide area surveillance and an EO/IR gyrostabilised payload for Reconnaissance / Identification of ground targets by day and night.

CARAPAS will be available in 18 months, when it will start flight testing at a French Test Center, following realistic scenarios. A typical mission will include a both high and medium altitude and high speed flight, during which the ESM / ELINT will detect, locate and identify all active transmitters - even transients - in its area, across a large range of frequencies.
The UAV flight path is then adapted, for an approach at low altitude, to correlate the ESM data with the EO / IR sensors.

Correlation of data from two different sensors, in the same mission, from the same UAV in very close time is the only method to achieve «anti-decoy» capability and make a distinction, in almost real time, between real and false targets on an operational theatre.

« Selection of our offer by DGA demonstrates EADS DCS ability to develop and integrate best value solutions for our customers» declared Stefan Zoller, Chief Executive Officer of EADS Defence and Communications Systems.

In the medium term, CARAPAS could provide an anti-decoy reconnaissance system with operational capability ; its survivability would be notably high due to its speed, size and reduced signatures.

Such a system would provide to the Army a capability in joint operations with no other system worldwide being comparable at this time.

CApacité drone RAPide AntileurreS

About EADS Defence and Communication Systems (DCS)

EADS Defence and Communications Systems (DCS) is part of the Defence and Security Systems division of EADS. DCS has been created in order to better respond to the new evolution of the defence markets which are more focused on global solutions and integrated systems. For this purpose, DCS regroups several defence activities with the telecommunications activities of EADS. Its field of competence encompasses manned and unmanned systems such as tactical and strategic UAVs, manned mission aircraft, Command, Control, Communication Information systems (C3I), Air and Naval Defence, Public Safety including Homeland Security and Communication and Information Network. DCS as the EADS Systems House implements advanced defence concepts, simulation and experimentation tools like NETCOS.
About EADS Defence and Security Systems (DS)

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. The EADS Group includes Airbus and Eurocopter, is prime contractor for the Ariane launcher, develops the A400M and is the largest industrial partner for Galileo.

EADS Defence and Security Systems, with revenues of over € 5 billion in 2003 and roughly 24,000 employees across nine nations, forms the defence pole within EADS. It offers integrated solutions to the new challenges confronting armed and security forces. It is active in the areas of military aircraft, missiles, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), defence electronics, sensors and avionics, command, control and communications systems, and services. In order to optimise the decision-making chain from sensor to effector within a “System of Systems”, EADS brings together state-of-the-art information and network technologies and the extensive competence of an experienced supplier of complex defence systems.
About Galileo Avionica S.p.A.

Galileo Avionica is the Italian leader in mission electronics, avionics and electro-optics. Wholly owned by Finmeccanica, the company operates through five Business Units : Avionic Systems and Equipment ; Space and Electro-optics ; Radar Systems ; Simulators and UAVs ; Logistics and Services.

With the incorporation of Meteor CAE (now Simulators and UAVs Business Unit) Galileo Avionica is a world leader in high subsonic tacticaland training drones and among the most important manufacturers of surveillance and reconnaissance UAVs.

For the simulation domain the Eurofighter/Typhoon and Tornado Simulators are among the programmes that encompass every aspect of the company experience in flight training and simulation including tactical and radar simulators.

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