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2004-01-30 23:12:48

    Taipei, Jan. 30 (CNA) The ROC Navy transfered three officers from their current posts Friday for "associating inappropriately" with a former woman aide to a legislator but denied that they had leaked any classified information to the woman.

    Vice Chief Inspector of the ROC Navy, Rear Admiral Wang Shang-chun, and two deputy directors for departments at the General Headquarters of the Navy, Captain Koo Chun-chu, and Captain Ran Chi-hsiang, were all reassigned as advisers pending further investigation, according to a statement issued by the navy.

    However, as the transfer of any admiral or general falls within the purview of the Ministry of National Defense, the navy said it was seeking the defense ministry's approval for the reassignment of Rear Admiral Wang Shang-chun.

    Although the three were removed from their current jobs, the statement said, there is no evidence that they leaked any classified information to the woman, Yang Tzu-yi, according to the preliminary investigation conducted by the navy.

    The three came into contact with Yang while serving as the navy's liaison officers to the Legislative Yuan, but their association with Yang apparently exceeded what is necessary for their jobs, and disgraced the navy, the statement said.

    The navy said Yang had asked the navy to provide her information three times, all under the name of her boss at the time, Legislator Lin Nan-sheng.

    All these requests were granted in due course except for one that involved " sensitive information," according to the statement.

    Yang has asked the navy to line up a tour of the Tsoying Naval Base in Kaohsiung City for supporters of her boss, but the request was turned down because the proposed visit date was not feasible. There was no question of military secrets being leaked as claimed by some local newspapers since the visit never even took place.

    Captain Koo, who reportedly brought Yang along while on a training mission to Hawaii, also issued a statement denying that he has any private association with Yang, and denied taking the woman to Hawaii.

    Koo said it was regrettable that newspapers would carry such groundless accusations.

    The navy issued the statement in response to Friday's newspaper reports that suggested Yang was gathering military information for unknown purposes.

(By Maubo Chang)


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