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Date Posted: 2004-02-13

DEBRIEFER/INTERROGATOR $34.25 per hour (we based annual on a 3000 hrs per year) of course they can do more if need be

SECRET clearance required

Responsibilities include but are not restricted to:
  • Conduct interrogations
  • Conduct pre-brief and debrief preparation which includes researching, compiling, and preparing supporting material; prepare all-source target overview/summaries to include cultural, religious, and sociological factors; and identify information required for immediate processing and dissemination including support to ongoing and planned operations and force protection
  • Prepare and conduct tactical and strategic debriefings of detainees
  • Conduct screening
  • Evaluate the significance of collected information
  • As directed by the JIDC, answer HUMINT requirements and ISG requests for information (RFIs) and CJTF-7 RFIs
  • Draft, prepare, coordinate and produce properly formatted written intelligence information reports (IIRs), knowledgability briefs (KBs), basic source data reports, contact memoranda, SPOT reports, and other intelligence and operational reports
  • Document interrogation plans and results in the data management system used by the ISG. This includes paper files, electronic documents in shared directories, spreadsheets or databases.
  • Populate, update and maintain intelligence databases as identifies by ISG leadership
  • Plan, coordinate and execute tasks with analysts, interpreters, and other collectors
  • Support the interrogation control element to schedule operations, coordinate with military police, and coordinate operations with other agencies
  • Provide JIDC planners analysis recommendations during mission-planning cycles
  • Research issues of interest to support operations
  • As directed by ISG leadership, research specific issues for which a given source may have value
  • Abide by the Geneva Convention and other laws and ISG directives
  • Work with cleared and un-cleared Arabic linguists and interpreters in support of the ISG mission
  • Assist in developing intelligence exploitation guidance and interrogation strategies in support of the Joint Interrogation Debriefing Center
  • Process current and historical data collected on detained individuals and provide Source Directed Requirements to guide exploitation
  • Accompany collection and exploitation missions
  • Maintain assigned workspaces
  • Experience as an interrogator and/or debriefer
  • Display initiative, judgment, and flexibility in the execution of operational tasks
  • Function as a team player within the ISG
  • Identify and analyze complex problems and provide suitable recommendations
  • Communicate with superior officers and subordinates and brief intelligence/situation status as required
  • Baccalaureate degree highly desired
General Mandatory Requirements:
  • Able to live and work in austere conditions
  • Have the physical and mental capacity to function in high OPSTEMPO and crisis situations
  • Experience in word processing, typing, editing, and data basing
  • Able to communicate effectively orally and in writing
  • Able to provide skilled proofreading
  • Above average skill using MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint).
  • Experience in word processing, typing, editing, and data-basing
  • Experience operating on JWICS, SIPRNT, NIPRNT, PRESS, PASS, and SAFE
  • Possess a SECRET clearance
Highly Desired:
Previous deployment experience supporting contingency operations

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