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(Excerpts: Face the Nation interview)  (530)
(Following are excerpts from an interview with Vice President Gore on
Face the Nation June 27.)
Question:  Mr. Vice President, what detail can you give us about this
attack?  Exactly what happened there?
Answer:  It was very successful in taking out the headquarters unit of the
Iraqi intelligence service, where this plot to assassinate former President
Bush was planned.  The entire complex is a huge complex, almost as large as
our Pentagon.  But the one wing of it where the headquarters operation is
located was the part of the complex that was targeted.  And that whole row
of headquarters complex was destroyed.
Q:  What was destroyed, computers, analysis banks?  What actually was lost?
A:  The facilities where plots like this are hatched and planned and where
the instructions are given, where the top people have all of their
computers and their paperwork and all of their facilities.  Their ability
to carry out plots like this in the future has been severely damaged.  And,
more importantly, they have received the message that this kind of activity
is simply unacceptable.
Q:  Was that the point here?  Was this the point really to send a message,
not to destroy an intelligence facility, Mr. Vice President?
A:  The point of it was not to convince the Iraqi people to rise up and
overthrow Saddam.  We would like that to happen.  But we fully recognize
1hat this response was more limited in nature by design, because it was
intended to be proportionate to what they tried to do  and to hit the part
of their government that planned and tried to execute this attempted
Q:  Do you have any indication from the Iraqis?  Has there been any response
from the Iraqi government or Saddam Hussein?
A:  President Clinton has asked for an emergency meeting of the U.N.
Security Council this afternoon.  And I'm sure that we will hear from them
at that time.  Or we'll have -- they will communicate to the United
Nations.  They are typically, predictably saying that they had nothing to
do with the attempted assassination of former President Bush.  But they
did.  As soon as President Clinton got the definitive reports from the FBI
and the CIA on Thursday, as Commander-in-Chief, he gave the order to attack
the facilities that planned that attempted assassination.  And the military
carried out the President's orders extremely skillfully.
Q:  Is there any particular piece of evidence that the President saw that
convinced him that this is what needed to be done?  What was the smoking
gun here?
A:  There's so much evidence, based on analysis of the explosive devices
that are of a kind known to originate only in Iraq, the statements of the
individuals who were caught and who said they were ordered by Iraqi
intelligence to try to assassinate former President Bush.  They even said
that if the car bomb -- which would, incidentally have killed thousands and
thousands of innocent people in Kuwait -- if that failed, they were
supposed to put on a belt -- a bomb device -- and charge up to former
President Bush.

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