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Operation Unified Protector - Imagery

UK MOD Operation Ellamy

August 17, 2011 RAF airstrike on Libyan regime tug boat

Released August 18, 2011

On August 17, 2011, RAF tornado aircraft targeted a moving patrol craft being used by pro-Qadhafi forces. As a result of pro-regime armed vehicles having been previously destroyed by coalition aircraft, Lybian government forces were observed resorting to the use of a tug boat.

That naval craft, commandeered as a naval patrol craft and used to redeploy forces to new positions along the coast, was assessed by NATO to pose a threat the local population.

The target was destroyed using a laser guided Paveway IV bomb.

NATO Operation Unified Protector / UK MOD - Operation Ellamy Strike IMINT
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Targeting pod video footage of airstrike on a tug boat commandeered by pro-Qadhafi force as a naval patrol craft

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