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Operation Unified Protector - Imagery

Imagery - Wadi Turghut Military Tunnel Complex

Released July 1, 2011

The reconnaissance imagery below is of the Wadi Turghut Military Tunnel Complex.

As part of continuing Unified Protector operations, NATO aircraft struck a Lybian regime military complex near Wadi Turghut, approximately 50 km SE of the Libyan capital of Tripoli. The complex consisted largely of a network of tunnels hidden away in mountainous terrain, but located near the main coastline route to Misratah.

According to NATO officials, the facility had been used to store large amounts of military equipment used by pro-Qadhafi forces in against the city of Misratah, as well as its harbor and airport.

NATO Operation Unified Protector
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Wadi Turghut Military Tunnel Complex

Wadi Turghut Military Tunnel Complex, Libya

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