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Operation Unified Protector - Imagery

UK MOD Operation Ellamy

30 May 2011 RAF airstrike on Libyan ammunition depot

Released June 01, 2011

Litening III targeting pod video footage of an RAF airstrike on Libyan regime ammunition depot near Waddan, Libya.

On May 30, 2011, Royal Air Force Typhoon and Tornado aircraft struck ten Gaddafi-regime ammunition storage bunkers along with a military vehicle near Waddan, Libya. Used in the airstrike were Enhanced Paveway II and Paveway IV munitions.

Visible in the video are the large number of secondary explosions resulting from the initial strike and demonstrating the presence of a significant quantity of munitions at the site.

The ammunition depot, one of the Gaddafi regime's largest, is located in Central Libya. Pro-regime forces had increasingly relied on the site for supplies as a result of NATO operations on stockpiles located closer to the coast.

NATO Operation Unified Protector / UK MOD - Operation Ellamy Strike IMINT
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RAF airstrike on Libyan regime ammunition depot near Waddan, Libya

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