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Operation Unified Protector - Imagery

UK MOD Operation Ellamy

RAF Airstrike on a government training facility in Tripoli

Released May 17, 2011

Video footage of a May 16 airstrike on a Libyan government training facility in Tripoli, Libya.

The airstrike was conducted by Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 aircraft using Paveway IV precision-guided munitions.

The airstrike was part of a series of escalative actions undertaken by the UK Armed Forces and other NATO allies targeting pro-Gaddafi regime installations. As part of this effort, a number of Royal Navy Tomahawk missiles were fired from HMS Triumph in addition to Paveway IV munitions released by RAF Tornado aircraft. Targeted in these airstrike were reportedly important intelligence agency buildings in additiona to a training facility used by Colonel Gaddafi's Executive Protection Force.

According to a high-ranking UK officer, among the targeted facilities were one known to be playing a role in the collection of information by the Libyan secret police. Another struck building was the External Security Organisation's headquarters.

According to UK MOD sources, the vehicles at the targeted training facility had been identified as having been implicated in the repression of public demonstrations in the capital of Tripoli on March 4, 2001, during which live ammunition was used against protesters.

NATO Operation Unified Protector / UK MOD - Operation Ellamy Strike IMINT
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Video footage of an RAF Tornado airstrike on a Libyan government training facility in Tripoli, Libya.

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