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Operation Unified Protector - Imagery

UK MOD Operation Ellamy

NATO Airstrikes on Gaddafi Forces Targets

Released April 09, 2011

VidVideo footage of NATO airstrikes on Lybian tanks as part of Operation Unified Protector. The footage was taken from the LITENING targeting pod of Royal Air Force Tornados GR4 aircraft conducting the aistrike.

The airstrikes shown in the videos all took place on April 8, 2011 in the same location. The RAF Tornados GR4 aircraft were equipped with Paveway IV Bombs and Brimstone missiles.

Targeted in these attacks were Gaddafi-loyal forces vehicles being prepared for loading onto transporters for ferrying toward the battlefront near Misrata; a city located to the east of Tripoli.

The tanks were part of a total of seven Main Battle Tanks operated by the pro-Gadaffi forces which were destroyed on April 8, 2011 during two separate armed reconnaissance missions by RAF aircraft.

The other two tanks involved in fighting in Adjabiya, in the east.

The videos show the destruction of four of the five tanks as they were being loaded on the their transporters. The low collateral effect of the Brimstone missiles used can be seen by the undamaged transporters beside the destroyed tanks.


NATO - Operation Unified Protector / UK MOD Operation Ellamy Airtrikes Video Footage
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Visible in this video are two Libyan Government tanks being loaded onto two transport trucks. A third tank is struck at the top of the screen in an effort to get the nearby troops to leave the area so that the remaining two can be struck with less loss of life.

Visible in this video is the first of the two remaining tanks being struck while no troops were present in the area.

This final video shows the last Libyan tank being destroyed by coalition forces.

Full aistrike video taken from RAF Tornado GR 4 LITENING POD of airsitrke on four pro-Gaddafi tanks.

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