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Kosovo Operation Allied Force Imagery

Maps and Aerial Views of post- and pre-strikes used during the Press Conference by Air Commodore David Wilby.

7th April 1999

(High quality photos can be downloaded for printing by clicking on the filesize underneath each thumbnail.)

Please credit NATO photos.

Ground Activity Update
(Full screen / 35Kb)

Day 14 - Targets by Type
(Full screen / 141Kb)

VJ Convoy Targeted
(Full screen / 18Kb)

Infantry Assembly Area, Kosovo - Post Strike
(Full screen / 185Kb)

Belgrade Milicija Hangar, Kosovo - Pre Strike
(Full screen / 128Kb)

Belgrade Milicija Hangar, Kosovo - Post Strike
(Full screen / 107Kb)

Pristina Airfield - Pre Strike
(Full screen / 116Kb)

Pristina Airfield - Post Strike
(Full screen / 138Kb)

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