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Operation Iraqi Freedom IMINT - April 09, 2003

Slides and video footage used during 04/09/03 CENTCOM briefing

Baghdad imagery showing areas of convergence that began in the north, towards the center of town, and also already in position in the center of town, and also from the south. The white circles actually represent places where coalition forces have had a continuous presence or conducted continuous operations over the previous 24 hours
Pre- and post-strike imagery of a facility near Tikrit used for assembly and coordination by regime leaders that was struck on April 6, 2003

Video footage of a tactical loudspeaker team using loudspeakers to broadcast a variety of information to residents of As Zubair, near Basra [3.15 Mb]

Video footage of some medical care being provided to Iraqis from a military medical facility normally used for tactical military purposes [3.4 Mb]

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