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Operation Iraqi Freedom IMINT - April 08, 2003

Slides used during 04/08/03 CENTCOM briefing

Weapons systems video of a close air support mission inside of Baghdad against a tank positioned in trees along a canal. The trees are difficult to see because of the spectrum of light that's being used
[2.01 Mb]
Video footage of U.K. and American forces handing out leaflets on the streets of As- Zubair [3.28 Mb]
Video footage of members from the 82nd Airborne Division distributing yellow humanitarian daily rations which DoD is still from its stocks, because of possible confusion with cluster munitions which have the sasme colour [3.89 Mb] Video footage of off-loading of humanitarian supplies off the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ship Sir Percival in the port of Umm Qasr [5.34 Mb]

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