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Operation Iraqi Freedom IMINT - April 06, 2003

Slides and video footage used during 04/06/03 CENTCOM briefing
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Video footage showing an April 2, 2003, airstrike on an anti-aircraft artillery system firing at a coalition aircraft, west of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. Two sets of black smoke visible in the video are the firing of the anti-aircraft system at this aircraft that's conducting the attack [3.35 Mb]

video footage of an airstrike on a regime aircraft located near the al-Takatam airfield that was struck on April 4, 2003 [2.46 Mb]
Pre- and post-strike imagery of a regime command and control facility in Baghdad struck on April 3, 2003. According to DoD, 21 different weapons that were used, each one of them represented by a blue arrow
Pre- and post-strike imagery of a command and control facility near Salman Pak to the south of Baghdad. The facility was struck on April 3, 2003

Imagery showing, according to DoD, Iraqi military equipment placed next to residential area buildings. Each blue arrow points to a piece of military equipment that's pushed right up against the side of the building

Video footage of special operations forces conducting a parachute assault within the last two days to secure an airfield for future use [7.81 Mb]

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