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Operation Iraqi Freedom IMINT - April 01, 2003

Slide and video footage used during 04/01/03 DoD news briefing
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Pre- and post-strike imagery of the terrorist training camp at Khurmal in northeastern Iraq near the Iranian border. The facility was struck early the previous week with several dozen Tomahawk missiles and precision air strikes; this was followed by a ground and air attack conducted over the last couple of days with the help of Kurdish forces. The camp, in and around the villages of Gulp and Sargat, was, according to DoD, being used by an estimated 300-500 Ansar al-Islam terrorists, with elements of the al Qaeda network in there with them

Video footage of an F-15 dropping a precision-guided munition on a suspected SA-2 missile site southwest of Karbala [865 Kb]

Video footage of an AV-8B using a precision-guided munition to destroy a fuel tank in a revetment between Karbala and al Kut [512 Kb]

Video footage of an F-16 dropping a precision-guided munition on a radar site at the Mudaysis airfield in western Iraq [565 Kb]

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