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Operation Iraqi Freedom IMINT - March 31, 2003

Slide and video footage used during 03/31/03 DoD news briefing
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Pre- and post-strike imagery of a special security compound in Baghdad. The building was destroyed with no damage to the surrounding areas
Pre- and post-strike imagery of missile facility in Mosul. DoD believed it serviced all types of missiles, from short-range ballistic missiles to air-to-air missiles

Video footage of an A-10 attack on two vehicles on a road north of Al-Asa. The aircraft used its 33mm Gatling gun in this attack [267 Kb]

Video footage of an A-10 dropping a precision-guided weapon to strike a bunker located near the H-2 airfield in western Iraq [506 Kb]

Video footage of an F/A-18 using rockets to strike an artillery emplacement south of Al Amarah [985 Kb]

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