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Operation Iraqi Freedom IMINT - March 28, 2003

Slides and video footage used during 03/28/03 DoD news briefing
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Video footage of an F-16 delivering precision-guided munitions against enemy troops in western Iraq that were firing mortars at Special Operations forces [387 Kb]

Video footage of an AV-8B Harrier dropping a precision- guided weapon on a tank in the open, south of al-Amarah
[355 Kb]

Video footage of a Predator firing a Hellfire missile at an Iraqi communication dish outside the Ministry of Information in Baghdad. The dish is in a parking lot at some distance from the ministry building [1.1 Mb]

This imagery shows military equipment dispersed in residential areas. The red dots indicate location of military equipment in this neighborhood, and four of them have been highlighted in the yellow boxes. This neighborhood is located approximately 30 miles south of Baghdad, in the proximity of the Medina Republican Guard division. The images are of a tank on a transporter that's in the middle of a neighborhood; of some armored personnel carriers that are in neighborhood streets; of a tank on a residential street; and in the lower right of armored vehicles in trees

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