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Operation Iraqi Freedom IMINT - March 26, 2003

Slides used during 03/26/03 DoD news briefing
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This imagery shows the location of a marketplace in Baghdad reportedly bombed by coalition forces. The marketplace is located in the Sha'ab district which is outlined in blue. The yellow circle in the center of the image for reference contains the presidential palace. As of 03/26/2003, DoD was still investigating the incident, and was offering another possible explanation that AAA fire or a surface-to-air missile had missed its target and fallen back into the marketplace area

Video footage of an F-16 that was directed by AWACS to do time-sensitive targeting against vehicles in support of ground forces west of H-2 airfield. The pilot released a GBU on the vehicle, and destroyed it [564 Kb]

Video footage of an F-16 dropping precision-guided munitions on a tank west of Karbala [532 Kb]

Video footage of an A-10 deployed against a guard shack south of the H-2 airfield. The aircraft dropped a precision bomb that landed approximately 10 meters short of the target [558 Kb]

Video footage of an A-10 tasked by an AWACS to assist another flight in attacking a compound south of H-2 airfield. The pilot dropped a GBU on the target which resulted in explosion and a fire [492 Kb]

Video footage of F-117 that dropped two GBUs on the presidential secretariat in Baghdad, impacting the building [510 Kb]

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