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Operation Iraqi Freedom IMINT - March 25, 2003

Slides and video footage used during 03/25/03 DoD news briefing
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Pre- and post-strike imagery of the Special Security Organization warehouse along the Tigris River in Baghdad. Visible in the images are the warehouse and boat facility destroyed, while the highway and bridge right next to it remain intact and well-traveled

Video footage from an F-117 using a satellite-guided weapon, the GPS weapon, to destroy what DoD believed to be the last active Iraqi GPS jammer that it had been able to find. The video is set at a three-quarter speed, because of there was little time between the clouds and when it went off [714 Kb]

F-18 footage showing a destroyed patrol boat in a canal in southern Iraq. Three other vessels are in the area but only the patrol boat is destroyed [717 Kb]

Video footage showing an F-15 strike using a 500-pound bomb to destroy a Republican Guard tank south of Baghdad [971 Kb]

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