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Operation Iraqi Freedom IMINT - March 25, 2003

Slides and video footage used during 03/25/03 CENTCOM news briefing
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Weapons-systems video footage of an airstrike on a communications facility out in western Iraq. Visible in the video are two bombs that come in. The first is at the cross hairs. The second occurs almost simultaneously as the building to its right [2.04 Mb]

Weapons-systems video footage of an airstrike on an armored personnel carrier in eastern Iraq [1.64 Mb]

Weapons-systems video footage of an airstrike on an artillery piece in a (revetted?) position in eastern Iraq [1.71 Mb]

Weapons-systems video footage of an airstrike on a tank in a defensive position in central Iraq [2.46 Mb]

Weapons-systems video footage of an airstrike on a multiple rocket-launcher system in southeast Iraq. In this cas, the explosion occurs when the video goes black [2.14 Mb]
Pre-and post-strike imagery of a military headquarters building located in the northeast of Baghdad. The targeted structures are just above the T intersection at the bottom, and they're highlighted with the blue arrows. Visible in the post-strike image are four destruction points. The center of the longest building is completely destroyed
Pre-and post-strike imagery of a water treatment plant in northwest Iraq which, according to DoD,held a building used to hide short-range ballistic missiles near the plant. The blue arrow shows the location of this building. Visible in the post-strike image, only the building has been destroyed

Video footage showing coalition special operations forces parachuting at night to seize a desert landing strip
The blue arrows at the bottom of this image show that trenches have been dug along the road and in several places ringing all of Baghdad, and filled with oil. Visible in this image is the ignition which has already begun

Video footage showing the movement of some humanitarian daily rations to a forward location using at C-130 aircraft

Imagery showing a MiG-23 fighter jet that's been towed into a cemetery near Balad (sp) Airfield, north of Baghdad. Visible inside of the yellow dotted line to the left are the ends of the runway and places where aircraft would normally be stored inside of bunkers. About 4,000 feet to the right, as is indicated on this image, in a small box can be seen "cemetery"

[1.14 Mb]
In the blow up, the MiG-23 can be seen in the corner of the cemetery. The arrow points to the tail end of the aircraft and the nose is to the right

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