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FY2006 Intelligence Budget

Related Research and Development Descriptive Summaries

Number Title
OSD Programs
0305146D8Z Defense Joint Counterintelligence Program
0305190D8Z C3I Intelligence Programs
0305193D8Z Intelligence Support to Information Operations
0605117D8Z Foreign Materiel Acquisition and Exploitation
0605710D8Z Classified Programs C3I
1001018D8Z NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (NATO AGS)
1160405BB Intelligence Systems Development
Army Programs
0305204A Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
0305204A Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
0305206A Airborne Reconnaissance Adv Development
0305208A Distributed Common Ground Systems (JMIP)
0603766A Tactical Support Development-Adv Dev (TIARA)
0603820A UAV Weapons Capability Modifications
0603850A Integrated Broadcast Service (JMIP/DISTP)
0604321A All Source Analysis System
0604766A Tactical Exploitation Systems/DCGS (TIARA)
0605709A Exploitation of Foreign Items
1001018A NATO Joint STARS
Navy Programs
0204574N Advanced Cryptologic Systems Engineering
0207161N Tactical Air Intercept
0305204N Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
0305205N Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
0305206N Airborne Reconnaissance Systems
Air Force Programs
0604750F Intelligence Equipment

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