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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

KN-02 Short Range Ballistic Missile

The KN-01 and 02 are surface-to-surface missiles with a horizontal range of 120 km. The North had not launched any short-range missiles since it test-fired five KN-02 missiles over the East Sea in October 2009. The KN-06 missile is said to be a more accurate version of the KN-01 and 02. The KN-02 is said to be an upgraded version of the Russian SS-21, with a longer range.

The 9K79 Tochka ("Viper") (SS-21 Scarab) is a single-stage solid-propellant guided missile with a range of up to 70km and a CEP of 160m. Designed to replace the older, inaccurate FROG-7 unguided artillery rocket, it can carry a nuclear, chemical or conventional warhead.

In 1983 Syria acquired SS-21 missiles supplied from the USSR. During mid-1996 Syrian missile technicians spent two weeks training in North Korea. The Syrian technicians reportedly provided North Korea with data on the SS-21 missile. In August 1996 Syria shipped Soviet-built 70km-range SS-21 Scarab missiles to North Korea.

North Korea test-fired a short-range missile off its eastern coast toward Japan on 01 May 2005. The missile, fired into the East Sea [Sea of Japan], appeared to have a range of between 100 to 120 kilometers. It is called by the North the KN-02, an upgraded version of the Russian SS-21, with a longer range. The KN-02 nomenclature was disclosed by Kim Sung-il [Kim Seong-il], chief information officer at Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff, in a closed-door parliamentary session. The DPRK test-fired the same type of missile in April 2004, but the test failed.

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