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SA-17 GRIZZLY / Buk-M1-2
SA-N-12 GRIZZLY / Yezh

SA-17 GRIZZLY is a new mobile SAM system to augment and eventually replace the SA-11 GADFLY. The new system uses the same launch vehicle chassis, and overall has a similar configuration to the SA-11 GADFLY. The SNOW DRIFT surveillance radar is also carried on the modified GM-569 tracked vehicle chassis. Russia is upgrading the Belorussian Buk (NATO: SA-11 Gadfly) air defence missile system at the Uliyanovsk Mechanical Plant. The new Buk-M1-2 (SA-17 Grizzly) system has increased fire power, and guarantees hits against six targets flying simultaneously from different directions and at different altitudes.

The Yezh naval version [SA-N-12] of the SA-17 is visually Identical to SA-N-7.

The HQ-16 is a joint development project between China and Russia that apparently represents a further evolution of the Russian Grizzly. The system would represent a significant overall improvement in Chinese air defense capabilities. The HQ-16 will reportedly have a range of 50 miles and the ability to hit both high and low flying targets.

China's new land-based mid-range Surface to Air Missile (SAM) system reached operational capability in September 2011. Military observers say that deployment of this missile system will boost China's air defense capability. The new SAM system, dubbed by foreign media as the Hongqi-16, or Red Flag-16, has been delivered to an air defense unit in the Shenyang Military Region. In a recent drill, two HQ-16 missiles fired by the unit successfully hit their aerial targets.

As well as being able to engage aerial targets at high altitude, the mid-range HQ-16 is also able to intercept very low-flying targets at a distance of up to about 40 kilometers, filling the gap between the HQ-7 short-range SAM and the HQ-9 long-range SAM systems.

According to Modern Navy, the official magazine of the PLA Navy, the naval variant of the missile system, which has been fitted on Type 054A frigates, can intercept sea-skimming missiles that fly less than 10 meters above the sea surface. In modern air attacks, large numbers of land-attack cruise missiles, such as the US Tomahawk missile, are being used. They fly about 50 meters above the ground to avoid early radar warning and interception attempts.

But the current mid-range SAM missile system HQ-12 can only engage targets that fly 300 meters above ground, according to the promotion brochure of its export version, called the KS-1A system. Besides the low-altitude engagement capability, the HQ-16 is also more accurate than the HQ-12. The deployment of the land-based HQ-16 can greatly enhance the mainland's capability to counter modern air attacks,.

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