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2S19 MSTA-S 152-mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

The 152mm 2S19 MSTA-S self-propelled howitzer entered service with the Russian Army in 1989. While the Russian Army hoped to replace all of its 122mm and 152mm self propelled artillery with this howitzer, budgetary constraints mean this replacement will not be completed any time soon. At least one 2S19-equipped regiment served in Chechnya as part of the 8th Army Corps.

MSTA-S comprises a turret mounted on a tracked armored chassis based on elements of the T-72 and T-80 main battle tanks. It is manufactured by Uraltransmash of Ekaterinberg, Russia.

The 2S19's gun crew can load the gun at any angle of elevation. Ammunition and gun loading, laying and re-targeting are highly automated, allowing maximum firing rate of 8 rounds per minute with onboard rounds and 6-7 rounds per minute with rounds from the ground. The system provides automatic gun loading for projectiles and semi-automatic loading for charges. The design of the ammunition rack allows different types of projectiles to be stored in the same rack. The automatic loading mechanism can select the type of ammunition and control the loading and the number of rounds. A major drawback to the Krasnopol semiactive laser-guided projectileis the incompatibility with the autoloader of the 2S19 due to the projectile's length. The Krasnopol-M (152-mm/155-mm) was developed as a follow-on product improvement that is fully compatible with the 2S19 autoloader

A battery can deliver projectiles on a target and move on to the next firing point before reaction firing. The howitzer's armor gives protection against armor-piercing bullets and projectiles. The 2S19 can also produce a smokescreen by injecting diesel fuel into the exhaust outlet. The 21-hp gas turbine AP-18D Auxiliary Power Unit provides power for turret operations when the vehicle engine is shut down.

The 2S19 can run on six different types of fuel including gasoline, aviation fuel, and spirit alcohol.

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